You’re ready to get your financial sh*t together and stop feeling scattered, disorganized, and overwhelmed.

Your business is rocking. You’ve got clients. You’ve got income. And you’re haunted by a financial to-do list that’s buried under piles of paper because- ugh- money.

Or maybe your fear of money is holding you back. Are you….

Afraid to launch because you don’t trust yourself with money?

Already overwhelmed by everything there is to know about the money side of running a business?

Convinced that as soon as you make money, you’ll lose it?

Worried that your old messes will come back to haunt you so you’re too afraid to start?

Now is the time to start dealing with your money

Let’s get real about money in your business. Raise your hand if...

You’re worried that you’re making mistakes that are going to cost your money later

Every time you look at your bookkeeping you think- WTF?

You’d rather watch that creepy girl from The Ring crawl out of the TV than face your quarterly taxes

You’re spending and spending and spending and there’s never enough to pay yourself at the end of the month

You bury your head in the sand about finances and pray it will just “work itself out”

What would it look like for your business if you had a SYSTEM to track your income, expenses, and numbers?

Wouldn’t it be SO RAD if you… 

Didn’t spend hours a day dealing with your business finances because *gasp* everything is really really organized

 Knew exactly how much to save for taxes and didn’t have a total meltdown on April 15th

 Knew when to spend and when to save so you can stop asking yourself, “Should I have bought that?”

 Paid yourself on a regular basis- and not just the bare minimum either 

Had a plan that told you everything you need to do to get your business to where you want it to be financially

Approached your business finances with an “I got this” attitude instead of an impending sense of doom

You want to get a handle on your money but you’re intimidated by…well, everything. You’re thinking…

“I’m just getting started and everything is overwhelming and scary.”

“I don’t have time for my clients, how am I going to keep up with my finances too?”

“I have no idea what I’m doing or how to deal with taxes.”

“I’m terrible with numbers and must be doing something wrong.”

“I have no clue where to even begin.”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re trying to stay on top of the finances in your business. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up organized and in control of your money

Not dealing with your business finances has a serious impact on your business: getting in trouble with the taxman, filing your taxes late (and paying penalties), and not having money to pay a big tax bill. All of these things are REAL consequences to ignoring your business finances.

That’s why I’ve created my step by step signature online program, Bad Ass Business Finance.

Bad Ass Business Finance:

A step by step program that teaches you exactly how to manage the money in your business

“After completing BABF I have a solid structure and working knowledge of exactly how my business works and works for me.

Before taking the course, I felt totally confused about the process of business finances altogether. Now, I feel so much relief in terms of my ability to dive in as a full-time entrepreneur.

– Seida Hood, CEO & Clinical Director

From the Heart Counseling

“If I knew what I was going to come out with in this course before I paid, I would have paid $1,600! The lessons and content really is worth 4x what I paid!

What I loved most about Bad Ass Business Finance is that it was smartly structured. I had enough information from the previous modules to confidently start the next one and understand it. Plus I didn’t need an accounting degree to understand any of it. The action steps were very doable and helpful. I like the way they ‘forced’ me to do something I would have not done otherwise.

Now I feel very confident about my business finances and my stress level about my money is way lower!”

– Sedrika Anuhealii

Makaiwa Maintenance & Landscaping, LLC

Your life before mastering your finances…

  • You have no idea what need to be tracked and how to track it
  • Your business finances and personal finances are one giant mess
  • You’re drowning in paperwork and bookkeeping
  • You’re totally confused by all things taxes and worried about a huge tax bill
  • You’re constantly in a feast or famine cycle
  • You don’t know if your losing money or making money
  • You’re terrified of money so you constantly procrastinate

Your life after mastering your finances…

  • You know what counts as a business expenses and what tax deduction categories apply to your business
  • Your personal and business bank accounts are neat, clean, and orderly- no more co-mingling!
  • You’ve got a streamline and automated bookkeeping system that’s doing all the hard work for you
  • You save for your taxes monthly and preparing for your taxes is a breeze
  • You know when to save, when to invest in your business, and when to give yourself a raise
  • You can see your numbers with one click and know how to use them to make smart decisions in your business
  • Your money is your ride or die and you look forward to your weekly money dates

Bad Ass Business Finance is made up of 8 modules in 3 Phases:

Create your financial map

 Modules 0 – 3

Build systems in your biz

Modules 4 – 6

Financially plan for the future

Modules 7 & 8

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:


Learn the basics of getting your accounts and digital files set up so you can stay organized during the course- and beyond.

After this module you’ll know how to…

  • Set up your business bank accounts properly, keeping your money organized and legal
  • Use fancy schmancy accounting terms so you can talk about your money with anyone (and feel really cool doing it!)

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How do I organize my documents to make tax time easier?
  • How do I keep business and personal finances separate?
  • How do I start with money when I’m totally overwhelmed?


Understand and decide how to track your income streams so you make strategic decisions about how your business makes money- now and in the future.

After this module you’ll know how to…

  • Break out your income streams and what products and services you should track
  • Choose the best payment methods for your biz, keeping the cash a-flowing so you don’t stress out about paying the bills on time
  • Properly track and record sales tax (hint- it’s not income!) so you don’t accidentally get taxed on it
  • Deal with refunds and decide how many discounts you should give each year so you run a sustainable biz

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • What’s the best way to receive payments in my business?
  • How should I track my income so I actually know how much I’m making and from what?
  • How do I charge my full rate and not offer sliding scale immediately?


Everything you ever wanted to know about tax deductions! In this module, you will fully understand your write-offs which means less missed deductions and less you pay in taxes.

After this module you’ll understand…

  • What tax deductions are and why we need them
  • What you can and can’t write-off in your biz
  • How to test an expense to see if it’s deductible (and stop worrying that you’re going to make a major write-off mistake)
  • Special deductions like mileage, home office, and split expenses and how to track them

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How do I figure out what expenses are truly related to my business?
  • How do I manage home office deductions?
  • How do I handle expenses that are split between home and business?


We’ll dive deep into all those random business expense things that NO ONE is talking about so you know exactly what to do in any expense situation.

After this module you’ll know…

  • What to do if you accidentally use your personal card for biz expenses
  • How to track split business/personal expenses so they don’t get lost in the netherworld
  • The difference between hiring an employee and a contractor and how to decide which is best for your biz
  • The 411 on filing 1099s so you stay on top of the legal requirements of hiring people

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How do I track personal money that is being loaned to the business?
  • How do I know when I can hire an employee or at least pay for relief help?
  • How do I keep track of my 1099 contractors to make taxes easier?


If the thought of taxes makes you run away screaming like you just saw those two twins from The Shining- this is the module for you! Learn how to approach your taxes without feeling like the apocalypse is moments away.

After this module you’ll have a…

  • Monthly savings plan for your taxes so you don’t hyperventilate into a paper bag every time your quarterlies are due
  • Annual tax prep checklist and timeline so you file your taxes on time, without worrying that you left something out
  • Framework for deciding if you should hire a tax preparer and how to find one that you absolutely love working with

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How exactly do taxes work for freelancers and how do I stay on top of everything?
  • How do I estimate what I’ll need to save for quarterly tax payments?
  • How do I get consistent about savings for my taxes every month?


Here’s where we put it all together to create streamlined systems for your business. Developing systems and workflows means that you spend less time on your biz finances and more time making your clients so happy that they keep showering you with sweet sweet Benjamins.

After this module you’ll have…

  • Chosen the best bookkeeping program for your biz (that you’ll actually enjoy using)
  • Developed a killer invoicing system that gets you paid on time, every time
  • Conquered your receipt clutter and know how to manage it on the day to day
  • Built a custom financial workflow for your biz that makes you feel like you just scaled Mt. Everest and didn’t even break a sweat

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • What’s the best way to keep track of expenses without using old-school receipts?
  • What records do I need to keep for taxes in case I get audited?
  • How do I find a good bookkeeping system that keeps my finances in check?
  • How do I create an automatic workflow for managing and tracking business income and expenses?


Learn how to take care of your business AND yourself. This module teaches you how to use the money you make intentionally. Instead of swimming around in a bunch of income wondering, “What now?” put your money into action and make it work for you.

After this module you’ll have…

  • Developed a realistic business budget so you stop going over budget and stop feeling like a loser for doing it
  • Created a debt repayment plan so you see the light at the end of the credit card payment tunnel
  • Started a savings schedule for vacations, sick days, and business investments, preparing yourself financially for the future
  • Created an owner pay schedule so you finally get that elusive paycheck you’ve been pining for
  • Learned the key questions to ask before buying something and stop asking yourself, “Should I have bought that?”

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How can I stick to a realistic budget when life is so busy?
  • How much money coming in should I save/spend on my business/use to pay myself?
  • As a sole proprietor, how do personal debt and savings goals affect business decisions?
  • How do I make financial decisions without being on a whim and without analysis paralysis?


Get more out of your bookkeeping program (it’s not just for tax time!) and predict what your biz needs so you can make informed decisions.

In this module you’ll learn how to…

  • Read and analyze a basic Profit & Loss report so you understand the financial health of your business.
  • Run advanced reports and use them for long-term planning and decision making
  • Use a balance sheet to get a quick look at your overall financial picture

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • What are the best reports to use for my business?
  • How do I know at the end of each month how much money is REALLY left over?
  • How do I set up my business for smooth reporting?


Have a big wild dream for your business but think it’s totally impossible? It’s not. In this module, I’m going to show you how to set financial goals for your biz (using real data) and what financial considerations you need to know to set realistic and achievable expectations.

After this module you’ll have…

  • Learned the process of setting financial goals that you can use over and over again
  • Broken down your BIG 1-year from now goal into smaller milestones (and stopped feeling like it’s never going to happen)
  • Used your financial milestones to create a 12-month plan with strategies and action items

Some questions that get answered in this module are…

  • How do I plan to meet my monthly financial goals?
  • How do I plan for my future income and expenses?
  • What can I do now to make my finances work for me in the future as my business grows?

Oh, and you get some sweet bonuses:

BONUS #1: 10 Done for You Tracking Spreadsheets

For tracking home office expenses, cell phone and home internet expenses, car expenses, discounts given, and more.

BONUS #2: Bookkeeping Systems Planning Workshop

In this 3 hour pre-recorded workshop we dive even deeper into mapping out and planning an automated bookkeeping system, with exercises that’ll help you determine the very best software and tech tools for your business finances

Support and Accountability

Instant access to all the modules and bonuses

12-month access to all the modules, bonuses, and course updates. Why 12 months? Because most of us avoid money as long as possible. Giving you limited access  encourages you to take action right away and ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

Support for your followup questions, which can be asked and answered directly in the course platform

20+ Checklists, cheat sheets, and worksheets

Week by week action tracker that keeps you on track in the course

“The content was so much more than ‘tips.’ That is what was refreshing about the course. It provided depth and guidance. I felt able to take action based on what was shared and Andi did not share any unnecessary information in the midst of the course.

Through Bad Ass Business Finance I created a clear financial map based on my professional and personal life. I also have a better understanding of how to have an effective conversation with money on a professional level.  I enjoyed connecting all of the moving money parts of the business into one system.”

Dr. Stacy Mobley, Wellness Doctor

“I feel organized, confident, and even motivated to process, plan, and manage my finances weekly.

Bad Ass Business Finance provides real answers to real questions that I wasn’t even sure how to ask. Before, I attempted managing my business finances, but had no plan for what to do, was stressed daily about whether I was doing everything related to my finances properly, and got so overwhelmed with countless spreadsheets that seemed pointless.

I can make decisions based on real numbers, not “guesses” about whether I did something right. I love having access to the modules to return to when I need to refresh and remember the goal for specific tasks.”

– Rachel Rigdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

I’m Andi- small business financial consultant and recovering financial hot mess!

For 10+ years I’ve been a professional bookkeeper and small business financial consultant. Even though I was teaching my clients to organize their business finances, stay in control of their spending, and take care of themselves financially, I had a BIG secret.

My own business finances were a hot mess!

I was like you- behind on my bookkeeping, flying by the seat of my financial pants, and clueless about how to actually make money work in my business.

Then, I transformed my business finances into the bad ass system it is today, using the same process I’m going to teach you.

Now, instead of just talking the financial talk, I’m riding into the rainbow sunset on the back of a majestic money unicorn, ready to take on the world- or at least, your finances.

Wondering about my credentials? I’m a Certified Professional Coach through Leadership the Works Coaching for Transformation program, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

You’re moments away from money organization bliss


  • 12 month access to Bad Ass Business Finance which includes a Foundation Module + 8 Core Modules and a total of 45 lessons
  • 20+ financial checklists and cheatsheets
  • Support for your followup questions directly in the course platform
  • Weekly action tracker
  • BONUS: 10 done for you tracking spreadsheets
  • BONUS: Bookkeeping Planning Workshop  (3-hour pre-recorded workshop)

Pay in Full:


*Save $95 paying in full*

Or 8 Payments of:



You can complete the course lessons lounging in your favorite sweatpants and messy bun. All you need is an internet connection. The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere (yes, even the couch) through our private course portal. 

Go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. Each module ends with an action item (aka your “homework”) and most modules include a worksheet that guides you through the homework, step by step.

This program is designed for U.S. based businesses, although some of the systems and processes can be applied to businesses anywhere in the world. You can decide if this course is right for you, but ultimately what I teach is for the United States.


That really depends on you, your unique situation, and how obsessed with your finances you become (which will probably be pretty obsessed).

I provide two suggested timelines for completing the course. For the Fast Track option, most students set aside 4-6 hours every week (that’s less than an hour a day) and complete the course in three months.

For the Slow and Steady option, students set aside 1-2 hours every week and complete the course in six months.

Creating healthy money habits now means you save money later

Not dealing with your business finances costs you- and it costs you more than time and stress. It costs you actual money.

Missed deductions, impulsive spending, forgetting to follow up on overdue invoices, and shiny new thing syndrome all cost real dollars that could go towards building the business and lifestyle you want.

This program is perfect for…


  Course Creators




  Web & Graphic Designers

 Fitness Instructors


  Virtual Assistants

  Wellness Practitioners

  Personal Service Providers

  And so many more!

See what past students are saying about Andi

  • Andi's training was so great! I really enjoyed the information and the fun and colorful slides. I finally felt like I could follow along. I also really love action points. I get so sick of folks explaining shit and then I am left like, ok what do I do now. I loved how energetic she was and how accessible her tools are. So great and one of my favorite facilitators so far.

  • OMG, I can't say enough about how amazing I think Andi is! Not just an incredible wealth of information, but so clear, concise, organized, and pleasurable to learn from/watch/be with. And she is the opposite of overwhelm, presenting the top four things to know/do and making them seem easy. Love love love Andi and her work!

  • I LOVED how practical Andi's training was, and there were a few really helpful pieces of orienting information. So much that was so useful and I wouldn't have muddled into on my own without a lot of suffering first!

  • My biggest takeaway from Andi's training is that I can actually do this. I keep all my cash in my closet and have refused to look at my finances. It felt too overwhelming. I also didn't know where the hell to start with taxes and when I asked people to help they just spit out a bunch of words that I thought I didn't understand. It felt like mashed potatoes in my head. The way Andi explained it was so helpful and I realized that I actually know more than I expected.

  • After Andi's training, I realized I need to take care of my money and I can take care of my money. It's totally possible and there are resources to help me.

At the end of BABF you will….

Have a personalized financial system and workflow that keeps you organized, sane, and on top of your money

See the big picture of your finances and understand how all the moving parts work so you stop scratching your head, wondering “Now what?”

Know exactly what to do with the money in your business and start making intentional decisions instead of impulsive ones

Feel capable of reaching your long term-goals because you’ll have a step by step action plan that shows you how to grow your business (on your terms)

Be able to replicate each process yourself so as your business evolves, so do your finances

You’ve got two choices…

Sure- you probably could figure this stuff out on your own with the help of Google, but that would take a REALLY long time.


You can follow my step by step process for creating a financial system that sustains your business, minimizes your tax burden, and makes sure the personal you is taken care of (hello, owner pay). All in a few months.

Imagine what you could do with all that extra time: Book more clients! Develop passive income streams! Stay in your zone of genius! Or even (dare I say it?!)…Relax.

You can do this, even if you suck at math

I don’t have time for this

I can’t pretend that you can fix your finances with zero time investment. But, I can make the process quicker and easier for you. BABF breaks down every step into small action items that are totally doable- even if you only have an hour a week.

Don’t I need to focus on making money first?

Here’s a story I hear over and over again: You start your business. It takes off (yay!). You begin making a bunch of money and get busier and busier. So busy that suddenly you need more information about your finances so you can make big decisions about your business.

But guess what. When things got busy, you left your money behind. And now that you need it, it’s not there for you. And there’s so much to catch up on that it’s going to take forever.

The bottom line: Setting things up the right way early pays off in the long run.

I’m terrible at numbers!

I’ve got good news- you don’t have to be good at math to manage your money well. The most important element for good money skills are good habits. And that’s what you learn in BABF.

And for anything that does require math and numbers, I’ve created helpful spreadsheets that do all the calculations for you.


  • 12 month access to Bad Ass Business Finance which includes a Foundation Module + 8 Core Modules and a total of 45 lessons
  • 20+ financial checklists and cheatsheets
  • Support for your followup questions directly in the course platform
  • Weekly action tracker
  • BONUS: 10 done for you tracking spreadsheets
  • BONUS: Bookkeeping Planning Workshop  (3-hour pre-recorded workshop)

Pay in Full:


*Save $95 paying in full*

Or 8 Payments of:


“Bad Ass Business Finance gets through so much content without being completely overwhelming.

I love the way it’s organized, both in content, and visual presentation. The action steps are the magic that makes it all happen, and I love that the lessons always conclude with action items!!!”

Rue Lee Robin, Massage and Body Worker

“After Bad Ass Business Finance I have more clarity about how to keep track of my finances and stay organised, which I’m really grateful for!”

Helle Weston, Intuitive Life Coach and Co-Founder of The O2 Awakening

The 14 day ‘You Got the Moxie’ Guarantee…

Not to be a cheesy motivational poster but… I totally believe in you. And I believe that you have the moxie to be a total bad ass at your money- you just need the tools to do it.

Because I believe in you, I’m offering a full refund within 14 days. I’m pretty damn sure this course is going to make you head over heels in love with your biz finances, but if not, I’ll happily give you a full refund within 14 days.

“My peace of mind and my confidence in my ability to run a business and the stability of my finances would not be where it is without Andi.

I’ve been a client of Andi’s for the entire existence of my small business (a private tattoo studio), over eight years, and much of what I know about money I learned from her.

She is a person with integrity and that is how she runs everything in her life and work. People and professionals like Andi are a rarity. Once you find them, you hold on to them!

My tattoo studio would not be what it is today without her.”

– Micah Riot, Tattoo Artist

Micah Riot Tattoo

“Andi makes the ever feared topic of business finances sexy, clear, empowering and dare I say…FUN!

I am always recommending her packages and trainings to all of my clients and colleagues.”

– Philipe L. Harrington, MFT

Thriving Practice Coach for Queer, Trans and Social Justice Folks



Purchase the course with a payment plan or full pay option. You can pay with PayPal or your credit card.


Check your inbox for an email the includes the link to access the course and your course welcome packet.


Login to the course and start learning! All eight modules plus the bonuses are waiting for you.

Got questions? I’ve got answers…

Will this course work for a landscaping/massage/salon/product-based/my business?

Yes! This course is about the fundamentals of business finance and can be applied to any business. The nice thing about numbers is that they pretty much work the same across the board. Regardless of your industry, the strategies in this course are based on core financial principles.

That said, you will be creating customized workflows and processes for your business. I will walk you through the process and you will use worksheets to develop a personalized plan that fits your individual business.

What if I miss a week of the course, will I still be able to follow along?

Yes! This is a self-paced course, which means you can work the course around your time needs and lifestyle. I do provide two suggested timelines for completing the course- a fast track option (3-months) and a slow and steady option (6-months). My only recommendation is that you do the lessons in order because they build off of each other.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course and all the bonuses for 12 months.

Why don’t I get life-time access?

Funny thing about money- people want to avoid it as much as possible. Which means you may be tempted to put off the course until ‘later’ which is never.

I know that you have the ability to totally rock your money, but in order to get there, you have to go through the course. Limiting your access to BABF helps you take action and get results. As a money person, I want to be absolutely sure you spend your money wisely and have a high return on your investment. You won’t see results unless you actually do the course.

12 months is the perfect amount of time to go through the course and implement changes with lots of time to optimize your financial system and revisit the lessons. Plus, knowing that your access is expiring will motivate you to get started sooner than later.

How is the course delivered (please tell me it’s not carrier pigeon)?

You’re in luck! I retired my carrier pigeon last year and now the course is delivered via video content (and supporting worksheet and spreadsheets) within the course site. You will receive instant access to all the course modules as soon as you purchase the course.

How much time do I need to commit to the course?

That depends on you! I provide two suggested timelines for completing the course. For the Fast Track option, I recommend you set aside 4-6 hours every week for the course so you can watch the video lessons and complete the worksheets and spreadsheets. For the Slow and Steady option, I recommend you set aside 1-2 hours every week so you can watch the video lessons and complete the worksheets and spreadsheets.

Do I need to buy any special software to take this course?

No! The entire course is hosted on an online course room platform which you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need to do is login! I offer all the spreadsheets as Excel files and as Google sheets, which is free. The worksheets can be printed out or filled out digitally so you don’t even need a printer to take this course.

We will talk about bookkeeping options and helpful in the course. I try to always mention at least one free option that you can start with.

What if I totally hate this- do you offer a refund?

I do! If this course isn’t your jam you can request a full refund within 60 days of purchasing the course.

I’m planning on hiring a bookkeeper- do I still need this?

You def need this. Hiring a bookkeeper is awesome BUT bookkeeping is only a small part of your finances. It’s like baking a cake- you have the flour but you still need all the other ingredients. Bookkeeping is the flour- this course teaches you how to add the other ingredients so you want to chow down on your money.

I haven’t launched my business yet- am I getting ahead of myself?

Nope! The earlier you start building healthy financial habits into your biz the more time and money you’ll save later. These aren’t one-time use skills, these are skills you will be using again and again as your business grows.

Eeeeeeeek money! What type of support will I get during the course?

You will receive access to the private Facebook  where you can ask me your questions and you can also ask me questions directly in the course room using the comments feature under each lesson. 

Is this course updated to reflect the new US tax laws?

Yes! Module 2 on tax deductions has been fully updated to reflect the new tax laws in the U.S. as of 2018.

Will the information still be relevant if I live outside of the U.S.?

Mostly, yes. The modules that may be slightly different in your country are Module 2- Tax Deductions and a few lessons from Module 3 about the difference between contractors and employees and filing 1099s. All other modules focus on healthy habits and systems which can be applied to any country.  

Have more questions about Bad Ass Business Finance? Send them my way via email at! Or, use the chat button to the right!

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