Are you rocking in your business but lost in the finances? 

Drowning in receipts? 

Struggling to keep up with your income and expenses?


Then it’s time to badassify your business finances. 

Bad Ass Business Finance is a step by step course for boss babes ready to start building healthy financial habits so they can stop worrying and start earning.

Enrollment opens in March 2017. But you don’t have to wait that long to start being your most fabulous financially savvy self.

Enroll in my FREE 6-day email course and start getting organized and stop making costly mistakes in your business finances NOW.


Here's What You'll Learn (yes, for free!)

How to overcome money shame in your business

How to organize your financial paper clutter

How to track your income

How to track your expenses

Daily, weekly, & monthly financial tasks for your business

Software & apps to get your finances organized

"But can't I keep ignoring my finances and pretending like they don't exist?"

You can...but when you take control of your finances you get to:

Approach your business & clients from a place of authenticity

Ditch worry & focus on building your biz instead

Make empowered financial decisions to create the life YOU want

I'm ready to get organized & confident about my business finances!

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